Heart Resources, LLC provides grant services to organizations that are eligible and ready for grants, and those requesting technical writing services such as pre-proposals, concept papers, white papers, and Requests for Proposals (RFP). Grant training and proposal coaching services are available for staff development. Grant-eligible organizations include: governmental units (municipalities and county, state and federal agencies); corporate and private foundations; colleges and universities; and nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) IRS tax exempt status. 

If your organization is having difficulty affording a grant writer and located in Pittsburgh, it may be possible to arrange for a volunteer (pro bono, in-kind) grant writer at the Grants Cafe or at my next Advanced Proposal Writing Series offered annually in October. These events are attended by some early career grant professionals and students looking for projects to develop for their resume and writing portfolio (assuming your organization is eligible to receive grants).

We adhere to the ethical standards of the Grant Professionals Association (GPA) prohibiting compensation based upon contingency fees (receiving a percentage of funded grants instead of a fee similar to a sales commission). We do not encourage anyone to work on contingency since this violates ethical codes of national grant and fundraising organizations. It is considered an "under the table" arrangement, and most funders will not award a grant if they know some of the funds are going towards grant writing. The organization and writer could face legal action and/or be required to return the funds.

The typical and acceptable payment arrangement is a professional fee paid from overhead, unrestricted or administrative budget, or from general contributions not designated for another purpose. Grant consulting and writing are in the same category as professional fees for accounting, legal assistance, and planning consultants.

Our fees are set annually based upon our costs to provide services, such as annual renewal for credentialing and registration as a professional fundraising counsel required in Pennsylvania. Estimates may vary depending upon the services requested, type of funder, size of the project, and deadline. As a mission-driven business, we strive to offer affordable options in the range of $70-$200 per hour. A contract is required to begin providing grant services. 

Types of Fees:

Per Diem Rate (4 or 8 Hours) - Short-term services and presentations provided on "as needed" or quick turnaround basis.

Project Rate - Special rate on bundled services such as multiple LOI and proposals for the same project, or a combination of services such as funder research report and grant proposal template. Other services include a combination of grant training and proposal coaching for a staff team or interns to complete a project proposal and one or more grant submissions.

Retainer Rate - Discounted rate for regularly scheduled services (contract minimum is one day (eight hours) per week or the equivalent for six months). A Do-Not-Exceed figure can be set up and included in the contract.

Important Note to PA nonprofit organizations and any entity requesting PA foundation grants: Heart Resources, LLC is registered as a Professional Fundraising Counsel with the Pennsylvania Department of State, Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations under the Solicitation of Funds for Charitable Purposes Act, and is authorized to provide fundraising services on behalf of charitable organizations provided that written contracts with the charitable organizations have been filed with and approved by the Bureau. Please allow a minimum of 10 days to two-weeks for pre-approval of a contract to provide grant proposal writing and consulting services for solicitation of any PA corporation or foundation.

PA contract approval is not required for government grants or technical writing projects. Heart Resources LLC has never missed a deadline! We provide quick turnaround writing for local, state and federal grant applications.

How to Start Receiving Services:

1) Send us a message about your organization and program/project grant needs. If the project is not a fit for the company, referrals to other qualified contractors may be provided.

2) If the project is a fit for the company priorities and schedule, we will provide a resume and guide to services, which is a document containing a list and description of all services and working arrangements, a rate sheet, and sample contract. 

3) A more detailed exchange of information takes place, such as email and phone communications to gather specific program/project information, a link to the funder's RFP, deadline, and proposal work plan (for an imminent due date). This step enables Katherine to provide an exact estimate.

4) When the terms and do-not-exceed fee are mutually agreeable, the agency's authorized representative (CEO, COO and/or Board Member) and Katherine will sign copies of the contract. For non-government grant requests, Katherine must send a request for contract approval to the state authorities (as described above). 

5) Katherine begins providing services as described in the contract. Monthly invoices are sent to the authorized contract signer and due upon receipt unless other arrangements are made.

The overall process may take as little time as 24 hours for an estimate and contract to start preparing a government grant and as long as two weeks when contract approval from the state is required.

Organizations may send Request for Qualifications (RFQ) notices to kheartwriter@gmail.com or Heart Resources, LLC, 307 Brierly Lane, West Mifflin, PA 15122-1209.

At times we receive a large volume of request for services, please assume that she values your time and project needs. If you decide call, please leave a detailed voicemail message with your contact information. Katherine will get back to you as soon as possible.