The last seminar was presented to 29 participants on March 15, 2012 sponsored by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh-Nonprofit Resource Center. The next seminar date will be scheduled upon release of Katherine’s new career book for the grant profession, Grantepreneur(TM): The Grant Writer's Career Action Plan (soon to be released by Red Engine Press).

Description: Do you enjoy writing? Do you care about a special cause and want to be involved in improving your community? Are you looking for meaningful employment in the nonprofit sector? Are you a professional who is seeking advancement or self-employment options with flexibility, independence and financial opportunity? Grant writers offer vital skills that help nonprofits to obtain funding for programs and services. This three-hour seminar assumes no prior knowledge, and provides current information about the opportunities, requirements and rewards, the learning curve, and tips for starting and advancing in this career path.


  • The Grant Writer’s World
  • Finding Your Cause
  • Making Meaning and Money as Grant Writer
  • Becoming a Successful Grant Professional
  • The Grant Writer’s Career Action Plan
  • Growing Your Career as a Grantepreneur

Katherine has presented Grant Writing as a Career at a community college. She has provided grant career and business coaching sessions and topics to the GPA-Western PA Chapter and individual grant/fundraising professionals. Katherine has presented "Sustaining a Grant Career through Social Entrepreneurship" at the 2013 GPA Annual Conference, and will be presenting "Entrepreneurial Skills for Grant Professionals" at the 2015 GPA Annual Conference in St. Louis on November 13, 2015.

“Katherine Heart’s presentation on “Grant Writing as a Career” was extremely informative and useful. As a director of development working for over thirty years for a variety of nonprofit agencies, Katherine’s seminar presented a new alternative to me for a second career. Even as a seasoned fundraiser, I learned many useful facts and gained insight into the grant writing world. Katherine’s teaching abilities shine as a presenter. She is clear and concise, easy to understand. She gives wonderful examples of everything necessary to know to embark on a grant writing career. As a fellow presenter, I highly recommend any of Katherine’s offerings.”  Connie Schwartz-Bedo, CFRE