BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL GRANT CONSULTING BUSINESS, June 22, 2018, 10:00 am-3:00 pm will be presented by Katherine at Willow Grove near Philadelphia, sponsored by Southeastern Chapter-Grant Professionals Association. Free to SEPA-GPA members; $15 other GPA members; $25 non-members. Pre-registration Participants can purchase a signed copy of Grantepreneur from Katherine at a 20% discount and pick-up at the workshop. 

Katherine developed and presented a Grant Career Course at Community College of Allegheny County from 2009-2011, presented a half-day workshop to 29 participants on March 15, 2012 sponsored by the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh-Nonprofit Resource Center. She has provided numerous presentations at universities and AmeriCorps programs.

Katherine offers in-person and virtual grant career/business training and coaching sessions for early career and seasoned grant professionals. Use the Contact form to request more information for individual or group sessions about opportunities in the growing grant profession, as described in Katherine’s award-winning book,  Grantepreneur(TM): Getting Started in a Grant Career and Business (Red Engine Press, 2016).  

Description: Do you care about a special cause and want to be involved in improving your community? Are you looking for meaningful employment in the nonprofit sector? Are you a grant, fundraising or nonprofit professional who is seeking advancement or self-employment options with flexibility, independence and financial opportunity?

Grant professionals may be employed in grant positions at many types of organizations, or work as independent contractors and business owners. We offer grant research, writing, planning, management, evaluation and related services that lead to funding for vital programs and projects performed by nonprofits, universities, municipalities, and other organizations for the benefit of the public and local communities. 

No prior knowledge is necessary to understand the book and presentations, which provide current information about the opportunities, requirements and rewards, the learning curve, and strategies for starting and advancing in this career path and business.


  • Working in the "World of Grants"
  • Finding Your Cause
  • Making Meaning & Money - Becoming Successful in the Grant Profession
  • The Grant Career Action Plan - 10 Steps to Getting Hired (and Re-Hired)
  • Grant Job vs Gig
  • Starting a Grant Business
  • Grantepreneur Strategies 

Many individuals have generously shared their advice in webinars and conferences of the Grant Professionals Association (GPA) on how to start and manage a grant consulting practice. While learning a great deal from them, Katherine's approach differs from the typical nationally oriented, high-priced "big business." She has built a sustainable community-focused social enterprise grant business model. Her book and presentations offer entrepreneurial skill-building for grant professionals (at all levels of experience and any position) that can be put into practice for the benefit and impact in our communities, causes, and career/business. Katherine's "grantepreneurial" approach has enabled her to bootstrap and sustain a successful grant business contributing to quality of life in Western PA communities for 16 years. 

Katherine's experience as a grant trainer spans 10 years. She offers agency, conference, and webinar presentations of 1-2 hours, and seminars up to three full-days in length. She presents on basic and advanced grant topics, and more specific areas: grants for operating support and government grants. She was the Founding President and frequent presenter for the GPA-Western PA Chapter and is currently a Co-Organizer of the Grants Cafe

See Endorsements from past training and coaching participants. 

Stay tuned for Grantepreneur 2.0, an expanded edition with new chapters on grant business strategies and success stories.